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1-2-1 Coaching for Biblical & Theological Students

The task of successfully accomplishing a biblical or theological research project from proposal to publication can be eased by professional scholarly support.

Doxa Consultancy offers a range of bespoke person to person academic coaching aimed at assisting biblical-theological students through every step of the research and writing journey.

We are with you throughout your academic research and writing journey . . .


Our services will help sharpen your writing skills and develop effective research management strategies to facilitate your academic journey from the preliminary proposal stage to the completed project leading to presentation or publication.


Each coaching session lasts an hour and is tailored to suit your specific academic writing needs.

You will be guided through the Doxa Academic Research and Writing Journey ©, a specially designed system that expedites progress through the key stages of the research and writing process. ​​​Your academic journey will comprise the following stages: conception, creativity, collection, composition, continuity and completion.



Conception: The Birth of Your Research Idea

Beginning at the conception or proposal stage, you will be encouraged to intuitively configure and coherently articulate your research ideas.

As you explore potential paths for your research by questioning, investigating, exploring and problem-solving, our coaching support will help you delineate your main thesis or research idea. We will also guide you in the organisation and precise articulation of your ideas.



Creation: Crafting and Developing Your Research Idea

The creative process entails guiding you to develop your research idea into a viable project.

With intellectual aptitude and intuitive creativity we will help you formulate a feasIble framework and efficient methodology based on sound theoretical principles. Your research project will emerge with academic credibility and reliable content. We will encourage you to draw on your unique perspectives, insights, expertise and expanse of knowledge. At this stage, a mutually agreed, practicable project management system and checklist will be prepared to facilitate the work ahead. 



Collection: Research Techniques and Project Management

Collecting the necessary data for any research project requires a systematised strategy.

This entails mastering techniques for the proper utilisation of libraries, search engines, and other academic resources. Our coaching will ensure that you have an effective data retrieval system set in place to readily access and accurately apply your research data.



Composition: Academic Writing Phases and Processes

During the composition phase we help you hone your writing skills.

By analysing your writing process and guiding you through the different stages of drafting, rewriting and editing, your academic skills will be greatly enhanced. Our Doxa Research and Writing Diagnostic Test© is specially designed to highlight your strengths and weaknesses. Resources provided from the Doxa Writing Resource Centre will inform you and enable you to attain the required academic proficiency required for your research project. Our 1-2-1 supervision will ensure that you master and adhere to guidelines equired by your institution.



Continuity: Persistence, Endurance and Accountability

Doxa Consultancy will establish a relationship of encouragement and accountability to help you.

This will safeguard the uninterrupted continuity and sucessful completion of your academic project. Care will be taken to make sure you avoid distractions, procrastination, writer’s block and intellectual burnout along the journey. With regular follow-up and step-by-step charting we will help facilitate your progress.



Completion: Polishing and Finishing

At this stage we will ensure that every item on your project management checklist is completed.

We will make sure that your work is polished and ready for submission. This final stage of the Doxa Research and Writing Journey also entails preparing you for the verbal and visual presentation of your project.


Our consultation services, which take place in a trusting environment, will ease your academic load by helping you through the difficulties of navigating complex academic requirements, thereby alleviating unnecessary stress and struggle.


By enlisting the services of Doxa Consultancy, you will find the arduous academic journey less lonely and isolating; there will always be a hearing ear to listen and encouragement to motivate you.


With the Doxa Research and Writing Project Management Strategy, you will be able to clearly define you goals as well as plan and utilise your time efficiently. You will realise that the seemingly daunting demand of organising and executing multiplicity of tasks necessary for carrying out your project is attainable.


As you competently navigate each stage of your academic journey you will arrive at a successful completion of your project and be able to look back and appreciate this productive season of your life.

To begin your successful academic research and writing journey with Doxa Consultancy, please fill in the contact form below
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We will arrange a free 30-minute consultation call with no obligation, to see if we can meet your needs.

Are you currently undertaking academic research and writing in biblical or theological studies?

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