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How Doxa Consultancy Assists
Academic Instructors

Doxa Consultancy Academic Coaching will train your students to conduct quality research and write compelling papers.

How Our Coaching Services Will Benefit Your Students

Our 1-2-1 consultancy sessions will train your students to effectively utilise research tools and glean vital scholarly content for writing. The Doxa Writing Diagnostic Test ©, specially designed to highlight strengths and weaknesses, and resources from the Doxa Writing Resource Centre will inform and enable your students to attain the required academic proficiency for their research and writing projects.


Students will be guided through the Doxa Research and Writing Journey©, a specially designed system that expedites progress through the key stages of the research and writing process. This research and writing system comprises the following  components: conception, creativity, collection, composition, continuity and completion.

The result of effective research strategy and skills is the submission of clear and comprehensive work fit for success. Your students’ writing will improve significantly, making the task of grading rewarding.


The ability to systematically follow research clues leading to the discovery of relevant, current and authoritative sources is an indispensable skill for academic projects.

Your students will save precious time by being trained to speedily locate and retrieve essential books and articles. Training in the utilisation of effective citation software will eliminate the frustration of realising that in the final stages of writing, vital research data is wrong or missing. Our coaching will not only help biblical-theological students effectively utilise their institutions’ research tools, but also teach them how to source quality material for writing. Here are some topics covered by our coaching:

  • Framework and Methodology

  • Effective Utilisation of Research Tools

  • Understanding Electronic Databases and Search Techniques

  • Developing an Effective System for Organising Research Material

  • Developing a Working Bibliography and Citation System

  • Training in Citation Software Programmes (Zotero and Endnotes)

  • Identifying and Sourcing Landmark Scholars and Publications

  • Literature Review and Annotated Bibliography

  • Writing Skills: Tone, Style, Voice, Precision, Clarity, Accuracy, Organization

  • Arguments, Conclusions, and Applications

  • Revision, Rereading, Rewriting, Proofreading

  • Working with a Supervisor and Committee

  • Preparing for the Viva

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We will arrange a free no-obligation consultation call to see if we can meet your students' needs or for information about referring your students to Doxa Consultancy for academic coaching.

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