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Exploring the Glory of God
Research Project

The Exploring the Glory of God Research Project is a collaboration of international scholars and clergy engaging with biblical and theological perspectives of divine glory.

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About the Research Project

The Exploring the Glory of God Research Project was founded upon a recognition of the need for a multidisciplinary forum to facilitate a clearly defined understanding of the many dimensions and manifestations of divine glory as revealed in the Bible.

The phenomenal nature of God's glory is revealed in Scripture through a multiplicity of ways that intersect with a diversity of disciplines, including biblical studies, theology, science, cosmology, art and literature. This research project initiates enquiries that tackle pertinent questions about how God relates to humanity.

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Transformation and Human Flourishing

At the heart of this theological enterprise is the belief that glory is a component of divine self-revelation which manifests in divine relationship leading to human salvation and transformation. 


Humans transformed by the glory of God have a positive effect on culture and society. The glory of God is, therefore, a vital key to human restoration, redemption and fulfilment.


Theological Frameworks

As a theological premise, the glory of God can act as a unifying force for different Christian belief systems. The possibility, therefore, exists for the development of a theological framework of glory within which research projects can find common ground. 


The Exploring the Glory of God Project project offers a platform for researchers to investigate and explicate the profundities of God’s self-revelation and interaction with humanity. With divine glory as a premise of biblical exegesis and theological thought, perspectives offered by scholars will offer distinctive insights to help structure frameworks for research into divine self-revelation. Researchers will inspired to probe biblical, theological, anthropological, socio-cultural, scientific, and aesthetic dimensions with a view to developing a comprehensive theology of glory for the twenty-first century.

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Academia & Ecclesia

To complement this academic enterprise, clergy and church ministries will seek ways to effectively make the knowledge of God’s glory applicable to the spiritual development of believers and the missional calling of the Church. This project will, therefore, be a nexus for research partnerships between academic institutions and the Church.

Practical Initiatives

Consultations will consider ways to disseminate and demonstrate the realities of divine self-revelation. Scholarly and creative research conducted by this enterprise will initiate engagement with communities of faith. Through presentations, publications and proclamation, this project seeks to inspire hope in God’s manifold presence in the world.

If you would like more information on how to be involved with the Exploring the Glory of God Research Centre please contact Dr Adesola Akala at

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