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Academic Publishing and

Book Manuscript Supervision

After the successful completion of a dissertation, your next task is preparing your research project publication. Doxa Consultancy offers coaching on crafting proposals, selecting the right publisher and understanding publishing contract

Doxa Consultancy provides coaching and supervision for transforming academic research projects to book manuscripts for publication.

The task of revising a dissertation for publication requires judicious and skilful editing with a new audience in mind. Doxa Consultancy will guide you through this delicate process.


Our Services

The guided supervision offered by Doxa Consultancy at every stage will give you the confidence you need to successfully complete your publishing project.

Enlisting the services of Doxa Publishing Manuscript Supervision will bring procrastination to an end. You will be able to overcome the roadblocks that have kept you stuck in the well-known rut of the “uncompleted manuscript”.

Renewed inspiration will enable you become an accomplished academic author. The ultimate benefit will be the joy of holding your research project in form of a published book when it arrives in the mail!


To begin your successful writing journey with Doxa Consultancy, please fill in the contact form below or email

We will arrange a free no-obligation 30-minute consultation call to see how we can help you.

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