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Doxa Writing Consultancy for Academic Biblical-Theological Manuscripts and Book Publishing Projects

Doxa Consultancy provides coaching and supervision for authors at any stage of their publishing project, from book proposal to manuscript submission. After the successful completion of a dissertation, the next task is preparing a manuscript for publication.

Do you have the uncompleted draft of a book manuscript or a journal article? 


Manuscripts gathering dust In your desk or buried in a computer folder?

Have you collected research material that is waiting to be transformed into a book manuscript? The coaching services offered by Doxa Consultancy can help you fulfil you writing and publication aspirations.

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Doxa Consultancy offers advice on crafting proposals, deciding on the best publisher, and understanding publishing contracts. Doxa Consultancy will guide clients through this delicate process.

Our 1-2-1 coaching support will guide you through the writing process using our Doxa Writing Journey©, which comprises the following stages: conception, creativity, collection, composition, continuity and completion.

How you will benefit from working with Doxa Consultancy? 


The guided supervision offered by Doxa Consultancy at every stage of your writing project will give you the confidence you need to successfully complete your writing journey. 


Enlisting the services of Doxa Publishing Manuscript Supervision will bring procrastination to an end.


You will be able to overcome roadblocks that have kept you stuck in the well-known rut of the “uncompleted manuscript”. 

Renewed inspiration will enable you to move forward to the prestige of becoming an accomplished author.


The ultimate benefit is the relief of completing a publishing manuscript and looking forward to the joy of holding your book when it arrives in the post!


Your long-awaited dream of becoming published will be fulfilled for the benefit of your readers and all those who will glean from your insights, perspectives and expertise. 


Our 1-2-1 coaching support will guide you through the writing process using our Doxa Writing Journey Model ©, which comprises the following stages: conception, creativity, collection, composition, continuity and completion.



Beginning at the conception or proposal stage, you will be encouraged articulate ideas for your book or article. We will guide you in the organisation of your ideas.



Our coaching will help you develop your creative process and guide you as you develop a research idea into a viable project. By combining intellectual aptitude with intuitive creativity, your book project will develop with authority, credibility and reliability. We will encourage you to draw on your unique perspectives, insights, experience, expertise and expanse of knowledge. At this stage, a mutually agreed, practicable project management system and checklist will be prepared to facilitate the work ahead.



Collecting the necessary data for any research project requires a systematised strategy that entails the proper utilization of libraries, search engines, and other resources you may need. Our coaching will ensure that you have an effective system set in place to readily access and accurately apply your research data.



During the composition phase, we will help you hone your writing skills by helping you analyse your composition process and guiding you through the different stages of writing, rewriting and editing. Our 1-2-1 supervision will ensure that you master and adhere to guidelines required by your publisher.



Doxa Consultancy will establish a relationship of accountability that will safeguard the uninterrupted continuity of your writing project. Care will be taken to make sure you avoid writer’s block, distractions, procrastination and intellectual burnout along the journey. Regular follow-up and step-by-step charting will facilitate your progress.



At the completion stage, our coaching support will confirm that every item on your project management checklist has been completed.  This final stage of the Doxa Research and Writing Journey make sure that your manuscript is polished ready for submission.

To begin your successful writing journey with Doxa Consultancy, please fill in the contact form below or email

We will arrange a 30-minute consultation call, which is completely free and no obligation,to see if we can meet your needs.

We have a range of resources to help Biblical Theological and Christian writers

We have a range of resources to help you

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