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New Horizons for a
Theology of Glory

New Horizons for a Theology of Glory. Edited by Dr Adesola Joan Akala. Lexington Fortress Press, 2020. 

The essays in this volume were papers presented at the Exploring the Glory of God Conference, which convened from 6 to 9 July 2016 at St John’s College, Durham University.


The conference was designed “to initiate academic and ecclesial dialogue on the subject of divine self-revelation to foster a deeper understanding of how God interacts with humanity.”


With a view to further understanding the immense subject of divine glory, a forum of biblical scholars, theologians, church ministers, and scientists engaged in dialogues that illuminated biblical, theological, philosophical, scientific, and aesthetic perspectives.


Of the many papers presented, ten were selected for publication in the first New Horizons for a Theology of Glory volume.


This volume is divided into three sections—biblical, theological, and multidisciplinary.


The biblical section comprises an essay on the Old Testament (Exodus 33:18), and two on the New Testament
(Gospel of John; 2 Corinthians 3:18).


Section two comprises a systematic theology essay on glory, accompanied by chapters on three theologians of glory (Edwards, Barth and Oscar Romero). The multidisciplinary section comprises two essays on the arts (visual art and literary works), followed by two science essays (natural science and physics).

New Horizons for a Theology of Glory will provide a rich source of information for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students as well as academic scholars.


Biblical and theological researchers will find the volume helpful for various bible, theology and religion courses including the Old and New testament, systematic, biblical and historical theology.


The multidisciplinary section has something to offer students whose theological research intersect with science or the arts. A few of the essays engage with the Christian life, the volume will, therefore, be beneficial for courses such as Christian spirituality and discipleship.


The subject matter will also be of interest to church clergy who are engaged in current theological discussions and will serve as a resource for preaching material on the glory of God.

Adesola Akala


Chapter 1

Rebecca G. S. Idestrom, “Show Me Your Glory” (Exodus 33:18): An Exegetical Analysis of Moses’ Requestin the Context of Exodus 32-34 

Chapter 2

David F. Ford, “To See My Glory”: Jesus and the Dynamics of Glory in John’s Gospel  

Chapter 3


Haley Goranson Jacob, Presence, Radiance, and Rule: Rethinking Paul’s ‘Glory-Christology’ 

Chapter 4

Tom Greggs, The Glory of God in the People of God: Participating in the Intensity of the Spirit’s Life 

Chapter 5

William M. Schweitzer, “A True Sense of the Glory of God:” Jonathan Edwards and the Beatific Vision

Chapter 6


Keith Starkenburg, No Cowering Down: Glory, Election and Worship in Karl Barth’s Doctrine of God

Chapter 7

Christopher Southgate, Glory in a 20th Century Mystic: Reflection on the Experience of Etty Hillesum (1914-43)

Chapter 8

Edgardo Colón-Emeric, Vivens Pauper: An Exploration of the Good Life with Óscar Romero

Chapter 9


Joanna Leidenhag, Jonathan Edwards and the Glory of the Natural Sciences

Chapter 10

Peter J. Bussey, God’s Glory in the Physical Universe

Are you currently a student undertaking academic research and writing in
biblical or theological studies?

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