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Doxa Teaching Resources

Teaching resources made available by Doxa Consultancy include packaged mini courses to which clients may resort to refresh their knowledge of any of the topics taught in the training sessions.

Image by Antonio Janeski

Doxa Consultancy Gift Vouchers

Doxa Consultancy offers vouchers which can be purchased as gifts for clients by family and friends of students who desire to help their loved one successfully complete their academic journey. Many students will appreciate the vouchers as birthday, Christmas, Mother’s/Father’s Day or anniversary gifts, making an invaluable contribution to their education. 



  • The vouchers are helpful for clients who want to first try out Doxa Consultancy sessions, or for those who have already employed our services and need extra sessions, training, or video classes. 

  • Gifted vouchers will be appreciated by writers who need a little boost in completing their book manuscripts for publication. 

If you would like to purchase a Doxa Consultancy gift voucher please email

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